The Chill Bill
Pictured below is the original The Chill Bill prototype (and my hand)

How Does It Work?

In the simplest possible terms, The Chill Bill works as follows:

In most commercial refrigeration units, there is an air temperature sensor. This generally looks like a long metal tube, sometimes with a bulb at the end. This sensor may be found by removing the ceiling panel of the refrigerator which is usually held up with four screws and possibly one or two more in a fan housing.

The end of the air temperature sensor is pushed into the opening in The Chill Bill so that it is embedded in the wax substance inside. (Full installation instructions come with each purchased unit).

Normally, the air temperature sensor measures the temperature of the air within the refrigeration unit. Naturally, the air temperature increases every time the door is opened thus causing the compressor to come on prematurely. When the air temperature sensor measures the temperature of food
grade food simulant within The Chill Bill, then the compressor will only come on when the actual food stuff within the refrigerator increases in temperature. This in turn will provide a more acurate temperature of the food within the refrigerator. The compressor will come on fewer times throughout the serviceable time of the refrigerator resulting in enery savings up to 30%. More frequently opened refrigerator units will of course enjoy higher energy savings.

It is impossible for The Chill Bill to accidentally cause the compressor to remain off, because the sensor would have to read the food simulant as too cold. Therefore, no food spoilage can ever be attributed to the use of The Chill Bill.

The Chill Bill works in exactly the same way as our competitor, but has a few distinct advantages...The Chill Bill has a more durable, industrial design, it is produced in the USA and best of all it is less expensive to the distributor.

A material safety data sheet is available upon request with order.

*Never attach The Chill Bill to a defrost probe.
*Do not use The Chill Bill in blast chillers, ice makers or domestic refrigerators.
*Please employ a refrigeration technician for installations. It will help the economy.
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